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You let your dog out in the yard for some exercise. The yard is his “safe place” because it’s fenced in and  you don’t have to stand their and watch him, but maybe you do. Dogs love roaming around in the back yard. They also love to dig. If your dog is small, he can easily dig a whole and slip under your fence.

To ensure that your fence is secure, I would walk around and make sure that the fence is secure and is not compromised in any way. Now there is something you could do solve the digging problem. You can build an impenetrable barrier under your fence. It’s called L-footer and it’s just what it sounds like. The bottom of the L lays on the ground making it impossible for your dog to get close enough to the fence to dig under it.

If your dog jumps, you can add a small inner fence or hedges thatd will keep the dog from getting close enough to the barrier to clear it.

Escaping isn’t only a problem for large dogs. Small dogs can fit their heads between the rods on the fence or gate. A harness or collar attachment like Puppy Bumper or Dog Gamutt can make your dog “too big” to fit through.

Thanks to Tether-Tug for providing some of this valuable information.

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