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Giving Your Cat Liquid Medication

Friday, December 8, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Giving medication to a cat is never easy. I usually put Molly’s pill in a pill pocket. Lately sometimes she eats the pill pocket and sometimes she flatly refuses. I also have her medication available in liquid form. When she refuses to take her pill, I will administer the liquid medication. Sometimes this could be a bit difficult. VCA Animal hospital has put together detailed instructions on how to safely administer liquid medication to your cat. Thanks to VCA Animal hospital for providing this valuable information.

Prepare an area where you can safely handle your cat. Have the medication ready and in a place where it will be easily accessible. If you are administering the medication by yourself, you may find it easiest to place your cat in your lap. It may be advisable to restrain the cat by wrapping it in a blanket or towel with only its head exposed. The first few times, it may also be helpful to have someone else hold the wrapped cat while you administer the medication.
Hold the syringe or dropper containing the medication with your dominant hand. First, allow the cat to lick the medication from the tip of the syringe as you slowly depress the plunger (many cats accept medication more readily if it is warmed to room temperature).

If your cat is not interested in licking the liquid, gently take the cat by the scruff of the neck and pull the head back, as shown in the illustration).  The mouth will then open slightly.

Place the tip of the syringe in the mouth, just behind one of the canine teeth (“fangs”), and advance the tip so that it is between the teeth. Be sure to angle the syringe slightly to the side. You do not want to forcefully inject the liquid straight into the back of the throat. This can increase the risk of the cat inhaling or aspirating the liquid.

“Make sure you do this slowly so the cat has time to swallow the liquid and breathe.”

Slowly squeeze the syringe to dispense the liquid medication. Make sure you do this slowly so the cat has time to swallow the liquid and breathe.

Most cats will spit out some of the medication. DO NOT re-medicate unless you are certain that NONE of the medication was swallowed. Your veterinarian will have accounted for a small amount of loss when calculating the required dose of medication for your cat.

Make sure you give your cat plenty of praise throughout the procedure and offer a special treat after giving the medication. This will make the experience more positive and may make it easier to give the medication the next time.

 After each use, rinse the dropper or syringe thoroughly with water and refrigerate the remaining medication if necessar

 Remember, your pets count!
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