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Mayhem with Molly This Morning!

Sunday, November 19, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Mayhem with Molly morning! A difficult time!

It was mayhem in our house this morning. My cat Molly has to take about three pills two to three times a day. I usually put her pills in pill pockets and give them to her and she has been taking them very easily, up until yesterday. As her kidney disease progresses, treatment is getting more and more difficult. Lately Molly has been much more fussy with her food. I am doing everything I can  to try to get her to eat. Now after two and a half years, she has discovered that there is a pill inside the Greenie pill pockets. So she’ll eat around the pill leaving the pill lying on the floor. This morning, when she refused to take her pills, I attempted to try to pop them in her mouth. I must admit, I am no expert at this and it was a complete disaster. I wrapped her in a blanket like the instructions say and then tried to slip her jaw open and give her the pill. She hissed, turned her head and  bit me drawing lots of blood and the pills fell on the floor! I was completely frustrated and don’t know what I will do going forward because I don’t always have the time to spend on coaxing Molly to take her pill. Even though this experience was very frustrating, there is a method to follow when giving a cat a pill.

Some tricks may help. Before you get started, gently wrap your cat in a towel to protect you from his claws.  Put your fingers on both sides of his cheeks and then tilt is head way back.  Remember, you have gravity working for you. Gently press against your cats lips to make him drop his jaw. When he opens up, quickly pop the pill as far back in his throat as possible.  Hold his mouth shut and stroke his throat to get him to swallow. The key is to tilt his head all the way back so the pill drops right in.  Pet medication and pills for cats could be difficult to administer. If you have trouble, ask your vet for a demonstration.

I will do just this. Today I will call the vet and see if there is a better way like crushing the pills and giving them with a little water in an eye dropper. I know that if the pills are time released, this may not work. I will also inquire whether or not her medication is available in liquid form although I am not too confident that they are available in this form.

Taking care of a beloved pet can be very frustrating and difficult. You should always have some kind of alternate plan which I discovered this morning as I was dripping with blood!

Remember, your pets count!

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