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Molly under suspicion for shutting down Edgewater Gold Radio!

Cats are incredible creatures. Sometimes we can’t figure out what’s going through their heads. My 18 year old cat Molly, is catered to like no other cat. She has renal disease and hyperthyroidism so she needs constant care. Molly is extremely attached to me and knows practically every detail of my routine. When it’s time for bed, she’s sitting on the pillow, when it’s time to eat, she’s sitting by her bowl, when it’s time to sit together in the evening, she’s sitting on the ottoman, when it’s time to be brushed, she is sitting at the bathroom door and when it’s time for her meds, she’s sitting by the kitchen counter. When I’m working on voice tracks or other routine Edgewater Gold Radio tasks, she is sitting right by my side. She is incredible.

I am fortunate enough to spend lots of time with Molly during this time of her life. As you could see,  we are very bonded. If her routine is broken in any way, strange things happen. She has been known to turn on the Bose wave radio in the middle of the night blasting music and jolting me out of bed many times! She would keep her paw on the volume button until the music reached a symphony level! The reason, she wanted to eat and I was still sleeping! Needless the say, The Bose Wave radio went away.

I run Edgewater Gold Radio from my home. Years ago it required an audio mixer and a bunch of equipment. I sent a small FM signal out over our apartment complex. To open the microphone, all you had to do was press a button. So one day while I was driving out of my complex, I had my little station on the car radio, as I turned onto River Road, I heard “Meowing” over the  music playing on the radio station. It was Molly! She climbed onto the chair, pressed the mike button and began to”speak” on the air! Incredible.

Now we come to yesterday. I was out of town for most of the afternoon and didn’t return till 9:30 pm. Molly usually takes her medicine around 6PM. She is also fed at this time. When I came home, I found Edgewater Gold Radio off the air! Now the computer housing the automation system is set to never shutdown automatically. I checked all codes to see what happened to cause this shutdown. I found nothing! I looked at the listener statistics and determined that the station must have gone off around 7pm or earlier because it showed the listeners dropped at that time.

Now after determining that there was no reason for the computer to shut down, no updates…nothing, my only guess is that Molly climbed up on the computer, sat on the button and shut it down! Reason, “Jim wasn’t home when he should have been to feed me, sit with me and give me my medicine!”

If this is true, it’s incredible!

Remember, your pets count!

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