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Benefits of Crate Training your Dog

Saturday, October 28, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

There are benefits that your dog can derive fromĀ  crate training. But there are things to keep in mind with this training. For one, crates are not meant to be permanent indoor houses for your dog. As such, your dog isn’t meant to be cooped up in his crate for long periods of time. And spending time in the crate should certainly never be used as a punishment. If your dog has done something wrong, don’t ever send him to his crate. He will only learn to associate the crate with punishment.

With dog crates, you also want to make sure you indulge in a crate that’s big enough to accommodate the dog, his water dish, his food, and even some of his preferred toys. You can make the crate more comfortable and accommodating by adding a couple of dog crate pads as well. Also keep an eye open for potential health problems in your dog. If your dog is feeling nauseous, for example, don’t confine him in his crate. This can only lead to a seriously compounded problem.

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