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A Very Attached Cat

Friday, October 13, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy
 Molly has been with me for over 18 years and lately I’m been spending a lot more time with her since I work a few days a week and I no longer have to deal with a horrible commute with endless traffic delays. I’ve been treating Molly for Kidney and Thryoid disease and this requires a lot more of a routine with her. That being said, she has her expectations. She expects me to be here with her all the time. I think she actually gets angry when I’m working all day.
Yesterday, I got home from work about 5pm after being gone all day. At first, I didn’t notice anything unusual. Molly was in her normal spot in the sunroom. When I called her  over to feed her and give her medicine, she ignored me. She simply turned her head and did not move. Of course this frustrated me. I prepared her medicine and picked her up and placed her over by her bowl. She refused to take her medicine and refused to eat her food. I knew that she was not sick so I came to the conclusion that she was simply pissed off at me for not being home all day. This has not been the first time this has happened and it usually happens when I’m out most of the day.
I let it go, Molly went back to her bed in the sunroom. I then did my recordings for my radio station which takes about two hours. This gave her time to “cool off.”  After I finished recording, I called her again, this time she came, took her medicine and ate her food. All is now well with Molly….until the next time I go to work!
Our little friends are very smart and do have emotions. Even though taking care of Molly takes lots of time and patience, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!
Remember, your pets count!
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