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Can Stress or Anxiety Cause a Dog to Lose His Fur?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

Believe me, stress is the cause for so many conditions in humans and animals. For me, it causes, my blood pressure to rise, my sugar level to rise, my hyperthyroidism to act up. It also causes itching, poor sleep etc .etc etc.

Dogs are very sensitive animals. Excessive anxiety or stress can cause a dog to lose his hair. According to The Daily Puppy,sometimes hair loss is a bodily physical manifestation of stress, but other times anxious dogs will partake in compulsive licking that leads to hair loss in areas they lick too much. Dogs may get stressed or anxious due to a number of reasons, including confinement, bullying from other pets in the house, separation anxiety and past trauma or abuse. If you can identify what’s triggering the stress, eliminating it can be as simple as removing the trigger. However, there’s a possibility you may have to see a dog psychologist or behaviorist if things don’t improve.

My neighbor and friend recently adopted an Irish Setter who has only 10% of his hair. She is working hard to correct the problem and is investigating the cause. It’s a wonderful thing that this pet now has a great home, probably a lot less stress and the care that he needs to get back to normal.

Remember, your pets count!

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