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dogsunbathingBelieve it or not, dogs can suffer burns and skin conditions just like humans. Most of the time, we don’t think about too much sun exposure for our best friends. Here are some things that you should be aware of.

  1. Don’t shave your dog in the summer if he has a long coat. When you shave your dog, his skin is exposed to sunburn and damage.
  2. If your dog is a sunbather, that is he turns on his back and soaks in the sun, he exposes the area where the belly and hind legs meet. Too much sun can cause him to develop tumors in this area. So when you notice your dog panting, it’s time to get him out of the sun.
  3. Dogs that are experiencing hair loss due to allergies or some other conditions are more prone to sunburn. Keep your dog from the suns harmful rays by limiting his time in the sun.
  4. If your pet did sustain a sunburn, give him a soothing bath with cool water and a gentle, soap-free product such as TheraNeem Pet Shampoo. Before lathering up, add 5 drops of Neem Oil to the shampoo in your palm, then work the mixture through your dog’s fur, down to the skin. Wait a few minutes before rinsing with cool water. Non-toxic Neem works quickly and safely to heal heat as well as chemical burns. (Information obtained from Dogster.)
  5. Never use a sunscreen on your dog that contains Zinc Oxide as this is toxic to pets.
  6. For an ounce of prevention, use sunscreen on Spot. “Select a sunscreen that’s safe for human babies,” Dr. Peikes advises. Two excellent brands are Aubrey Organics Green Tea Sunblock for Children with SPF 25 and Jason Kids’ Block with SPF 46. There’s also an all-natural balm designed to prevent and soothe doggie sunburn. (Info obtained from Dogster.)
  7. Consider light protective clothing  for dogs that have been shaved or are losing their hair.

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