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The Best Way to Greet A Strange Dog

Sunday, March 26, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

greetingdogDogs are social animals and a well trained dog is generally well behaved when meeting strangers. It helps to follow some basic steps when approaching any dog that you haven’t met before. First, it’s a good idea to ask the owner if it’s OK to great the dog. Always approach a dog when he’s on his dog leash. So you don’t intimidate the dog, bend on one knee beyond the reach of the dog. Remember, size matters and you are a big presence. Don’t stare directly at the dog and if you’re wearing a hat or sunglasses that may spook the dog, remove them slowly. Then, extend the back of a closed hand so the dog can sniff you. Once mutual contact is established, some mutual scratches under the chin and chest will help you become fast friends with you knew acquaintance.

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