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An Important Fact on Dog and Cat Vaccinations!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

dangerI was at school yesterday having lunch in the teachers lounge. We started taking about our pets. One teacher said that her beloved dog passed away a few weeks ago. We then started talking about the reasons why the nine year old dog passed so quickly. The teacher indicated that she took her pet to the vet (the same Vet that I take my cat Molly). The pet had a minor condition which was being treated. The Vet asked the owner when was the last time her dog was vaccinated. The vet then proceeded to give the dog a rabies vaccination. Her beloved pet got very sick and passed away a few days later!dogvaccination

BOTTOM LINE:  While maintaining your pets good health is a top priority, we must also be aware that many animal hospitals (as many other doctors and institutions in the medical profession) are very greedy and will insist on certain treatments that are not necessary. In this teachers case, her dog did not need a rabies vaccination. In fact NEVER give a pet a vaccination if they have an underlying condition. My cats live indoors, they are both up in years and I will never allow any of them to get any vaccinations anymore!

Be careful when selecting a vet. Do your homework and ask others in the area who own pets about their experiences and opinions of the vets and animal hospitals in your area. I will switch my vet from the Animal Hospital in Lewes, Delaware to the one in Rehoboth Beach.

Remember, your pets count!

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