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Remembering Our Pets This Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

trafficThe post below was written several years ago but still applies today. Only today, I no longer live in traffic ridden north Jersey. I live in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where I can shop peacefully without the horrendous traffic. I will shop for gifts for my two cats in some of the nearby pet stores. Among their gifts will be some healthy treats,and some toys with catnip. I may also buy some new, soft blankets for them to snuggle up in. Remember our pets this holiday season and after looking at my post below, I’m glad I don’t have to do my shopping this year in north Jersey!cattree

After work today, I decided that I cannot delay my holiday shopping another day. I waited too long already and had to buy lots of gifts. I got in my car and headed out to the mall. Living in North Jersey where traffic is normally a nightmare proved even worse than could be imagined. Infamous Route 4 was a literal parking lot! When I went to enter the mall, I realized that mall security had blocked off the entrances! Cars were zig zagging all over the place. You really never know what to expect in this state with it’s horrendous traffic all the time! Luckily, I knew a back entrance that not many people are not aware of. I got in, parked the car and fought the crowds. After I made all the purchases of “people” gifts, I had to shop for my two cats. Off I went to the pet store lugging so many bags of bulky gifts that I felt as if I would tip over! The cats had to have their presents! I bought a bunch of cat toys, a stocking and some other cat items. Why do we do this? I would feel that the holiday is not complete without the gifts for the cats. They already have a toy box full of toys from previous Christmasses. Most of the toys are either under the furniture or hidden in some special place. Surely these won’t be found until I sell the condo! I put the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning like I would for anyone else. Out come my cats Mollie and Millie. They sniff, swat, roll around with them for awhile then, they’re done. Another Christmas with the cats! Well after all, they are part of the family.

petptoyRemember, your pets count!

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Serious Medical Condition In Dogs

Monday, December 5, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogcheckPleural Effusion is a condition where fluid or pus accumulates in an animals chest cavity compressing the lungs and heart. Leah Cohn, Professor of Veterinary Internal Medicine at the University of Missouri says that animals with pleural effusion have to breathe very rapidly because they can’t expand their lungs. They take short, shallow, rapid breaths. She says the pleural effusion has many potential causes such as infection and congestive heart failure. Treatment will vary. If a pet is struggling to breath, most veterinarians will remove the fluid with a needle and syringe. This is a process that may need to be repeated until the underlying cause of the fluid buildup can be cured. In this case pet medication alone will not cure this kind of problem. If you notice your pet breathing very rapidly, take him to your vet right away.

Remember, your pets count!

Turn on the holiday music when you get to work today! A Delmarva Christmas!

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Cats Keeping Warm In A Cat Engine

Sunday, December 4, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catscarIt that time of year. The weather is getting colder and we need to find ways to protect our pets. Did you know that in the winter, cats can climb into the engine of a car to stay warm? This can be very dangerous of even deadly to a cat. Here’s a true story of one cat named Fannie Mae, that got trapped. Thanks to the Pet Health Network for providing this story!
Fanny Mae had been sleeping inside of a parked car when the car’s owner started the engine early one morning to head into work. After turning on the ignition, she heard some loud noises and clanks under her hood and thankfully turned off the car. She lifted the hood to figure out what was going on and noticed a bloodied paw. She immediately called the Department of Animal Services for help. An officer arrived and after some effort, was able to get Fanny Mae out. Unfortunately, Fanny Mae had several lacerations on her legs and abdomen and wasn’t using her right front leg at all. The officer raced Fanny Mae to the shelter’s veterinary hospital.

That’s when I met Fanny Mae. I’ll never forget the fact that despite her severe injuries and obvious pain, she continued to purr and rub her face against my hand. After Fanny Mae was medically stable, we sedated her. I closed all of her wounds and we took full body radiographs (x-rays). Her radiographs showed no fractures or internal injuries, but unfortunately confirmed my suspicion of a brachial plexus injury. Brachial plexus injuries occur when the nerves in the armpit region (called brachial plexus nerves) are stretched or damaged. Unfortunately, brachial plexus injuries do not heal or recover and since the affected limb becomes limp and useless, it has to be amputated to avoid future complications. For the next two weeks, Fanny Mae hung out in our medical center recovering from her wounds. She continued to win the affection of everyone she met. Despite wound cleanings and medications, she remained sweet and grateful.

Remember, your pets count!

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Feeding Your Dog –Recommended Amounts

Saturday, December 3, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogeat5If you read the labels of your dog’s favorite foods, you will notice lots of discrepancies in the recommended amounts to feed him. The amount of food that you feed your dog will change throughout his life. Most weight problems develop slowly and are likely to occur during the transition period from puppy to adult. Remember, an adult dog’s appetite is always greater than his need. Another time when weight gain increases is when your dog gets older and his activity level decreases. Be aware of the need to adjust your dogs calories and give him periodic weight checks. This will help you with overfeeding during these transition times.

Knowing how much to feed your dog can be confusing. Always start with a quality food and note the feeding instructions on the bag or can. Then, add or decrease the amount depending on your dogs activity level. Start feeding this amount but monitor his weight on a regular basis. Make adjustments along the way and always check with your vet. So don’t overfill that dog dish right away!

Remember, your pets count!

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