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When Training a Pup, Tone is Key

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

cutestpupWhen you’re trying to teach your puppy a simple command or you’re correcting bad behavior, an appropriate tone of voice will convey the message most clearly. Remember that you’re dog is not human and he doesn’t understand English. Give commands in a clear, firm voice with a tone that says that “I am your leader.” Never let sharp, edgy or frustrated tones creep into your voice. That will only confuse your little pup. He’ll know that you’re displeased but he won’t know why. Whenever your puppy responds well or behaves nicely, praise him with warm, encouraging, upbeat tones. He’ll know that you’re happy and he’ll repeat the behavior. It may take awhile but your pup will learn if you stay calm and consistent. When he does behave well, don’t forget to reward him with a dog treat!

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