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Sun Bathing Cats

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catsunBoth of my cats love to lie in the sun. My younger cat, Millie loves to lie wherever the sun is shining in.  My older cat, Molly loves to lie in a sunny spot on my deck and sprawl out. I have to keep her cat bed in a sunny spot. Why do they do this? Maybe one reason may be a need for a sound sleep. Cats require about 15 hours of sleep each day. Warmth often helps them get their best rest. When cats doze off, their temperature drops slightly and sleeping in the sun can help make up the difference. Some cats not only enjoy the suns rays, they also find a heating vent or other source of warmth. Sometimes it’s even too warm for me and I retreat inside to the air conditioning but Molly wants to stay out and bake! Remember that cats cannot tolerate excessive or prolonged heat. After a while, I ‘ll take Molly inside if I feel that it’s too hot or she’s been out there too long. Make sure that you have a cool water bowl filled at all times and that there is always a place for your cat to cool off.

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Can Pets Have High Blood Pressure?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catpressureDid you ever think that only humans can get high blood pressure? Cats and dogs can also suffer from hypertension. Most of the time, they will never show any obvious signs of the disease. The ability to recognize and to treat hypertension in dogs and cats is a relatively recent development in veterinary medicine. Treatment for a pet with high blood pressure may include a low salt diet and pet medication to lower their blood pressure. It has been found that in pets, hypertension is almost always secondary to some other disorder which may include diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid disease. The chance of treating the hypertension really increases if you are able to discover and eradicate the underlying disease.

Hyperthyroidism will cause high blood pressure as it does in humans. Kidney disease can be another cause. If your dog or cat is at the water bowl all the time and constantly urinating, that’s a sign to look for in Kidney disease. If he is losing weight and always eating his dog food or cat food, this can be a sign of hyperthyroidism which means that his blood pressure could be high.  Look for these subtle signs, then take your pet to the vet right away.

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