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Parrots Need Training

Saturday, August 27, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

parrotIf you adopt a puppy, training is probably the first thing on your mind. If a dog doesn’t walk right on his dog leash, it’s because he hasn’t been trained. It’s the same for parrots, maybe even more so. Training is a way that you learn to have a two way conversation with your parrot.

Spending some time to teach your parrot a few tricks like stepping up and going into his cage or carrier, gives you the opportunity to pay attention to your little birds body language. This is key. It helps birds learn how to learn. Parrots that understand that if they do something right, they will get a treat or get your attention. They will discover ways to get those treats. A parrot owner who trains their parrot is more mindful of rewarding for things your parrot enjoys rather then giving treats for behavior that they don’t enjoy. This makes for a pet bird that is not only a great companion, but a happy parrot that enjoys interacting with its household.

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The Benefits of Dog Parks

Saturday, August 27, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogparksdogpark2 Behavioral problems in dogs stem from a lack of physical and mental activity. Dogs are meant to be active. They’ve worked with people for thousands of years herding and protecting livestock and controlling vermin. Most pet dogs spend their days alone on the couch or in their dog bed waiting for their owners to come home to take them out for a walk or to toss around some of their dog toys. They eat dog food from bowls-no hunting or scavenging required. Many dogs become bored, lonely and overweight.

Dog parks are becoming more popular across the United States. They come in all sizes but have one main purpose, to allow dogs to run freely off their dog leash and socialize with other dogs.  Dog parks are not for everyone but they can benefit both people and their pets.

We will talk about whether you should try a dog park in later posts. A dogs disposition and socialization makes a big difference.

I would like to thank Web MD for providing some of this valuable information.

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