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Getting Rid Of Pet Urine Stains and Odors

Monday, August 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy


best stain remvoversWe’ve posted on this topic several times because it could really be a problem if you have a dog or cat that insists on urinating on your carpet. There are many pet odor removal products on the market that you may want to try. I use Clorox Stain and odor remover for dogs and cats. It seems to work well . So if you walk into a room and say “there’s that odor again.”

You know it’s in your carpet but where? The smell gets worse in the humidity. You can’t afford to have a new carpet put down. You know that your dog or cat urinated or is still urinating on your carpet and the urine is seeping through. You can’t see it, but you sure could smell it. There are many pet poor removal products to choose from.

To get rid of it is actually a three step process.

You have to try to locate the hidden urine spots. Try using a black light to locate the area where your pet has urinated.
Clean the spot and remove any urine that has not yet soaked in.
Apply an effective pet stain and odor removal product to eliminate lingering odors
You may have to repeat this process several times. I would then shampoo the entire carpet. Then you must find out why your dog or cat is urinating on the carpet and then try to stop him. Good luck! This is not an easy situation to deal with!

Remember, your pets count!

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Are Border Collies For You?

Monday, August 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

border colliesThe Border Collie is a very energetic dog that loves to play and work. It’s body is slightly longer than it’s tail. This dog is very intelligent and very aware of it’s surroundings. This is one of the hardest working dogs who thrives on praise from it’s owners. They are among the leaders in most of the competitive sports that they perform. Farmers love them because they were originally bred as a farm hand. They need ample exercise and long walks on a strong dog leash. The Border Collie will get along with children and other dogs however, they can show some aggression towards other dogs of the same sex if you are not giving them 100% leadership. They should not be trusted with small non – canine pets. Many Border Collies will get along well with family cats. This breed should be very well socialized as a puppy. Lots of dog toys and exercise outside with other dogs will help to get them used to a variety of environments. To keep them totally happy, they need consistent leadership, extensive exercise and some kind of job to occupy their minds. If you allow them to take over without enough socialization and both mental and physical exercise, they can be very reactive and sound sensitive making them a poor choice with families with children. This breed lives for serving you all the time. If you are not going to be dedicated in making sure they get lots of physical and mental exercise then I would not recommend adopting one. They are not your typical “sit at home” dog and don’t forget the dog treats, all dogs love them!

Remember, your pets count.

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