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The Girls Are Fighting Again!

Saturday, August 6, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

cats fightingI’ve spoken about my cats may times. I have two female cats. One is 17 years old (Molly) one is 11 years old (Millie). They have never gotten along. Molly is very dominant and continually intimidates Millie. Last night was no exception. Molly wants me all to herself. I went in to one of our bedrooms to work on my computer for awhile. Molly stood guard by the door. When Millie approached and tried to go into the room where I was working, Molly chased her around the house, hissed and spit at her. Molly has hyperthyroidism and kidney disease but is feisty enough to chase Millie all over the house.

At this point, there is nothing I could do about their aggression. I have two cat food bowls and give them their cat food separately, I also have two kitty litter boxes in separate rooms. Nothing works. I later learned that if you have a female cat and later on adopt another female, the two probably will never bet along. Keep this in mind when adopting another cat.

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