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BLACKCATVETAs you know, my 17 year old cat Molly was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure last December. She also had hyperthyroid disease. Molly was having seizures, losing weight, and vomiting plus drinking very frequently. My vet gave her pet medication for thyroid disease and put her on a prescription diet. Molly was used to certain cat foods and cat treats so changing her diet was a challenge. I was determined to sustain Molly’s quality of life as long as I can. She didn’t like the prescription food, so I added another high quality food, (Weruva) and mixed the food together. She loves it! I’ve also done some research and found a high potent omega oil from Canada. It’s called Astro’s Oil and it was developed in Canada and the oil helped a pet who also had CRF (Chronic Renal failure). I’ve been ordering the oil ever since and it seems to have really helped Molly. I mix a small amount with her  cat food each day. So how is Molly today?

Right now she is sitting by the window watching the birds and squirrels fighting over the bird seed outside. She has gained more than a pound, her fur is shiny, she is eating well. She no longer has seizures and vomits rarely. Thanks to her pet medication, her Thyroid has returned to normal. So I feel that she is still enjoying a decent quality of life. She does drink frequently and her creatine levels have jumped up a bit but we are working hard to get them back down.  Right now, I’m very thankful that my little friend is still here with me. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile for your pet!

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Choosing the Right Pet Kennel

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogkennelYou are planning a vacation and are now faced with the task of selecting the proper kennel for your pet. Here are some tips that may help you out.

Call the kennel to determine whether it would be able to accommodate your pet during the time that you will be away. Also discuss any special situations such as a very large dog breed, special pet medications, whether  your pet is a very young kitten or puppy etc. Make plans to visit the kennel. It’s a good idea to make sure you bring enough dog food, dog treats, cat food and cat treats. You pet should stay on the same diet while you’re away. Always do this ahead of time.
During your visit, check out the cleaning procedures. The kennel should look and smell neat and clean.
Some dog kennels have a policy where visitors are not allowed in the area where the animals are kept. The reason for this is that visitors can bring in different diseases and bacteria because they don’t follow the same disinfecting procedures as the staff does. Another reason is that some pets are afraid of strangers and can get stressed.
Give the kennel your vets name and telephone number.
Give the kennel the name and telephone number of the place where you will be staying. It’s also a good idea to check in with the kennel at some point during your vacation to make sure that your pet is doing OK.
An advantage of a good kennel is that the staff is usually trained to look for signs of illness in your pet. Friends and family who care for pets in your absence will not notice this.

If you do your research, your pets stay at the kennel will not be a bad experience for him.

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