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Check Your Pets Water Dish Frequently

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dog cat waterSummer is here and pets can easily get dehydrated especially if they go outdoors. I have indoor cats but let them out on the porch or deck while I’m out there. Molly has kidney disease and it’s critical that she stay hydrated. She loves to lie in the sun. After I let her back in the house, I check her water bowl to make sure that she has fresh clean water. If you’re a dog owner, you should be checking and filling those dog water bowls more frequently. Keep some fresh water outside. If you’re traveling with you pet, make sure he has access to water at all times. Prevent problems this summer and keep your pet hydrated.

Remember, your pets count!

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Do Birds Like Music?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

parrot cageThe other day, I was sitting on my porch here in southern Delaware reading a book. I had the radio on and was watching a few finches who were eating from the bird feeder. The song “The Entertainer” by Marvin Hamlisch came on the radio. (Most of you probably have never heard of that song but it’s an instrumental from the movie “The Sting”) The song has some high notes in it. All of a sudden, many birds began chirping in unison after hearing the high notes in the song. I found this quite amusing. It sounded as if they were actually singing to the music. Do birds like music?  Researcher have discovered that parrots, who mimic many words and sounds actually have music taste and prefer certain types of music. It was found that they do not like dance or disco music. Some parrots prefer soothing middle of the road music while others prefer upbeat pop music. So playing Sinatra may be preferable to your parrot sitting in his bird cage.

Dr Franck Péron, from the University of Lincoln, said: “The birds clearly showed preferences. One preferred the rhythmic and one preferred the classical.
“There is no trend for the birds. Even if they are in the same place hearing the same things, they do not prefer the same music.” So when you select music to listen to, make sure you go over to your bird cages and check with your parrots to see which type of music they prefer to listen to!

Remember, your pets count!

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