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Did Your Cat Stop Grooming?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catgroomingCats sometimes look like contortionists when they clean themselves with their tongue, teeth, paws and claws. Grooming takes lots of energy. If you notice that your cat has stopped grooming herself, this could indicate that she is sick or in pain. If she is drooling or not not eating her cat food she could have diseased teeth and gums, something stuck in her mouth or even an oral tumor. If your cat is older and has arthritis, this could make all of the twisting and turning with grooming too painful. You may even notice that she’s not playing with that box of cat toys anymore. Overweight cats can also have a hard time grooming those hard to reach spots. Sometimes they will stop grooming themselves if there’s an emotional problem. Take her to the vet to determine why you cat has stopped cleaning herself. Your veterinarian will give her a thorough examination and maybe even give her some pet medication if necessary.

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Excessive Licking

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

cat lickingCats lick themselves to keep themselves clean. They will lick to rid themselves of fleas and parasites. They will also lick to cool themselves, absorb vitamin D and to relieve stress.

There are several medical reasons for excessive licking. If it’s a neuropathy problem, a nerve is receiving a signal telling the cat to lick. If the cat licks odd things like window sills or walls, it could be a sign of that he is anemic which could also be a sign of feline leukemia. Excessive licking could also be caused by an allergic reaction. If you do suspect a medical problem, see your vet immediately.

If your cat has fleas, regular combing with a flea comb will help the problem. An occasional bath with a flea shampoo will help kill the fleas and remove dander that causes human allergies.

If is estimated that 35% of all cats suffer from food allergies which can result in excessive licking. If you suspect that the cats diet is causing the problem, try one of the commercially prepared non allergy cat foods.

If your cat is licking you, that’s a sign that he likes you. They could also start urgently licking. This is done because of embarrassment such as falling off a window sill or chair.

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