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What Kind of Dog Leash is Best Long or Short?

Thursday, March 24, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogleashshortThere was a law  passed in Sandusky, Ohio that forces dog owners to keep dogs on  dog leashes that are no longer than six feet long. The reason for the law is supposedly to prevent injuries to humans and other animals. Although some people are in favor of this law, many people are arguing that a six feet dog leash is not large enough when walking a larger dog since large dogs are harder to control on short leashes. So what’s your opinion? I believe that if the dog is trained well and the owner is responsible, a long dog leash will do just fine. Many people do not follow dog etiquette and let their dogs run and jump all over the place. We shouldn’t have to rely on these kinds of laws if citizens are responsible for properly training their dog and following the rules. If a dog is not trained properly, it could jump and possible knock down and injure a child or older person. While walking your dog, be aware and respectful of others around you.

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dogaloneIf you live in an rural area, it can be very tempting to let your dog out in the yard to do his business and get some exercise while you are still snuggled in your bed. You must remember, that dogs are social animals and enjoy being around people and other dogs. There’s nothing like an owner out in the park with his dog tossing around his favorite dog toy. Even though there’s a dog gate in your yard preventing your dog from running away, too much time alone will cause your dog to become independent and difficult to train. He will bark and upset the neighbors.. His motto will become “If it feels good, do it!” He may choose to dig up the tulip bulbs. or fence-fight with the dog next door. Without human feedback, these are all rewarding activities for a backyard dog. Personally I would not leave a dog in the backyard un- supervised. Be  a responsible dog owner. Exercise your dog regularly, give him dog treats for good behavior and let him spend as much time around you as possible!

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