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When Cats Get Cold

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

COLDCATCats can get very cold and could get themselves into a very dangerous situation. It’s critical that all warm blooded animals maintain a certain body temperature and your cat is no exception. If your cat stays outdoors for too long in very cold weather, she could lose so much body heat that it becomes life threatening. If her gums are blue or she’s shivering violently, or she’s so cold that she’s barely breathing, she has hypothermia. You need to get her warmed up, but not too quickly. Take her to a small room and place her in her warm cat bed and wrap her in a cozy blanket. Fill some bottles with warm water and tuck them in around her. Let her warm up before offering her cat food or cat treats! Do not place anything hot up against her cold body as it could burn her. If things don’t begin to improve, call your veterinarian right away.

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What To Look For In A Shelter Dog

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogshelterI know you are so anxious to buy that dog leash, dog bed, dog food and all of the necessities before even going to the shelter to adopt a new best friend. There are things that you must find out before taking home your new friend.  Ask if the dogs at the shelter have been tested for any behavioral problems. Next tell the staff the dog traits that your family is looking for. If you have children, you’ll want a dog that interacts well with your child.  If you’re not looking for a high energy dog, make sure you tell the shelter this. Make sure that you request to visit with any dog in a quiet enclosed area. Every person in the family should pet every part of the dog. Lift paws, tug gently on ears, etc. Is the dog okay with that? Is there anyone in particular that the dog reacts to? Will the dog play? HOW does the dog play with you and his dog toys (IE is it rough?) Can you get the dog to STOP playing? In general. you want a dog who’s curious of both people and their surroundings. Chose a dog that won’t hesitate to come to you and will allow you to touch him anywhere without becoming aggressive. Watch out for fearful dogs – dogs that won’t approach you or that run and hide are likely not a good candidate for adoption unless you have a quiet household and some canine experience. Watch out for aggression – if a dog gets tense, nervous, or shows any other sign of aggression while being petted then also likely not a good choice.

Take your time and chose a dog that will give you lots of love and affection for many years to come!

Remember, your pets count!

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