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Do Litter Box Types Matter To A Cat?

Saturday, March 19, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

catboxLitter boxes probably look more or less the same to us. We can purchase a self cleaning litter box, a regular box, a large box, smaller one etc. but the type of litter box does matter to a cat. Jackie Neilson, a Veterinary Behaviorist in Portland, Oregon says that cats do prefer litter boxes with certain amenities. Jackies’ research shows that many cats prefer clay based clumping litter to other kinds. Cats also like their litter box to smell nice. Carbon is the top choice for odor control. Most cats like their litter boxes roomy so they can dig and turn around comfortably. The bigger, the better but each cat has its preferences. You should find out the products that your cat likes best. If a cat likes its’ litter box it won’t find another one like a cat bed or a carpet to go on. So observe your cat and determine his likes and dislikes and you’ll never have to worry about any “accidents.”

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How The Spoil A Cat

Saturday, March 19, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

CATFRIGAs you know I am a cat spoiler. Both of my kitties are very spoiled and get just about whatever they want. My older cat Molly is now sitting in the kitchen looking up at the refrigerator waiting for “dad” to get up and pull something out that she may enjoy. Funny thing is that I just gave her cat food for the day. She didn’t care much for it so she coaxed me into giving her some of her fresh chicken treats from the refrigerator. Apparently, she still is not satisfied and is still sitting there looking up at the counter where her cat treats are! I guess I’ll have to get my butt off of this comfortable chair and give her some cat treats. This was a lesson on how to really spoil your cat!

Remember, your pets count!

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