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Dog Separation Anxiety

Friday, March 18, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogseratateI’m sure that you’ve had this experience if you own a dog and don’t keep him in is dog carrier or dog crate while you’re gone. You come home to find your dog at the window barking up a storm! When your dog is home alone and starts barking, he could be barking a things outside or he may be just upset because you’re gone. Victoria Voight,an Animal Behavorist in Pomona, California suggests that you turn on a thirty minute tape when you leave the house and then listen to the tape when you get back. She says that if you hear the dog start walking around and whining and barking or knocking things over, he probably has separation anxiety. Dogs have to be acclimated slowly to being alone. Start by leaving for only a minute or two then gradually work your way toward longer intervals. Leave his favorite dog toys around. If the problem doesn’t get better seek professional help.

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Birds and Cats

Friday, March 18, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

CATBIRDBirds are great pets but if you have a cat, watch out! Birds are cat’s natural prey and even having that beautiful parakeet in the decorative bird cage near the window can put both the bird cage and the bird in danger. Cats are clever critters. Of course they have the ability to jump high but they also have the ability to really upset your little birds life. The cat even open the cage if it’s not closed securely. I’ve heard of an instance where a cat climbed on top of a dresser, jump on┬áthe bird cage next to the dresser, knocked the bird cage down and then proceeded to open the cage and let the bird out. Luckily, this was a smart little bird. He quickly flew onto the bed and hid beneath the pillows! Keep bird cages out of your feline friends┬áreach. Make sure they are in a room that’s not accessible to your cat.

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