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puppyeatingRegular dog food does not provide the high level of nutrients that puppy food does. This is the reason why we feed our puppies puppy chow and puppy foods. Puppies have special nutrient needs. Your puppy should receive puppy food for the first year. If you own a large breed, then I would keep him on puppy food for 18 months. Most dog food manufacturers offer a special formula for puppies that is higher in protein. This food also has the necessary fats, vitamins and minerals to meet your puppy’s growing needs.

Feed your puppy three times a day if he is six months or younger. After six months, feed him twice a day. Don’t leave the food out. Feed him at specific times and make sure you are there during the feedings. You want to make sure that he stays on a certain schedule.

It a good idea to have your puppy relax for about one hour after his feedings. This will help him digest his food. Then take him out for a walk.

Provide dog treats for good behavior but don’t over do it or your dog will expect them all the time.

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dogleashIf you’re looking for a dog collar, nylon and leather collars with either a buckled or snapped together closures are the best choices. Make sure that you test the snap closure to make sure that the hold is strong. Depending on the size of your dog, you may have to select one that can adjusts easily as your dog grows. It’s a good idea to get your pets name and contact number woven on the collar. Here are some basic tips when selecting a dog collar.

The ideal fit should allow between one and three fingers between your dogs neck and the collar depending on the size of your dog.
If you have a small dog, lets say under 20 pounds, leave 1 finger between your dogs neck and the collar.
If you have a medium size dog, allow 2 fingers between your dogs neck and collar.
If your dog is very large, 3 finger separation between the dogs neck and collar is the best.
Slip or choke dog collars consist of a length of leather , nylon or chain link with rings at each end. These collars are used as training collars to control your dog . I recommend a reward system to train your dog. You should never use this kind of collar permanently. They should never be used on toy or small dogs under 20 pounds. Now get a strong dog leash to do along with the collar.

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