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Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

Saturday, December 13, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGXMASPRESIt’s that time of year when I have to decide what to get my cats from Christmas. I always wind up getting them the same thing. I have an array of sticks with various toys dangling on the end. If fact, most of them are in the corner, all twisted up and useless! So what will I do again this year? I’ll get another fresh new stick with a toy dangling at the end and next year, this one will wind up in the corner in a twisted knot along with the other sticks. If you are looking for a gift for your pets, try to look for more unique things, like a hand made dog or cat bowl. A hand made pillow with your dog’s name sewn on may be another item that you may want to consider. How about a new dog tag with your dogs picture and other important information engraved on it? Dogs always love homemade treats but if are willing to bake them at home, make sure that are very low in sugar. Your cat will love anything with catnip in it.

It’s always a good feeling knowing that you’ve included your pets during the holiday season. As for me, more sticks, plastic rolling balls with bells in them, toys stuffed with catnip to add to all of the other ones that are stuck under the furniture or in a corner!

Remember, your pets count!

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