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Your Outdoor Cat Brings You Home a Present

Sunday, August 17, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT MOUSEYour outdoor cat wanders the neighborhood and occasionally will find a mouse of other small animal, kill it and present it to you. You probably are not pleased, so why does she do this?  Cats are natural born hunters Cats allegedly kill billions of small animals every year in the United States alone. This does not make them evil or dangerous. They are well adapted to a carnivorous life.  Many cats don’t eat their prey and sometimes they don’t even kill it.  In the wild a mother cat will teach their young how to eat their food by bringing home dead or injured prey. When a female cat places a dead animal of the steps or porch, she is showing her natural role as a mother and a teacher. You , the owner are her surrogate family and she is bringing you a”present” because she knows that you would not be able to catch that mouse on your own. So never scold her because she is acting out of instinct.

Remember, your pets count!


CAT COLLEGEUntil recently, most cats were banned from college dorm rooms. My neice got a kitten over the summer and when it was time to leave for college, she put her cat in his cat carrier and hit the road. What a great thing to be able to have a pet on campus! Administrators at college have begun to realize that keeping a cat at college can help students under stress relax.  That’s why some colleges now allow cats into the dorms. There’s one main rule that must be followed. The cat must stay in the students room and not be allowed to roam in “cat free”  zones. This is to protect students that are have pet allergies.   The owners are responsible for any damaged caused by the cat.  It’s worth it. When kids are stressed and a cat helps calm their nerves, things don’t seem so bad anymore.  If your headed to college, always check with your schools administration to see if cats are allowed on campus before going to the animal shelter to adopt one.. Have a great semester!!

Remember, your pets count!


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Mastiff Surprise in Mississippi

Friday, August 15, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

KIMBERS PUPPIESMastiffs are one of the largest dog breeds. In Holly springs, Mississippi, Kimber a three year old Mastiff gave birth to a whopping 18 puppies!  The family’s vet told them that Kimber couldn’t have puppies but she sure surprised everyone. Kimber is a three-year-old English Mastiff and weighs 150 pounds.  Dr. Allen, the family’s vet said that Kimber’s belly was so big that she couldn’t fit on the X Ray machine. Initially, he only saw 11 puppies, the others weren’t visible.  Last Thursday, Kimber didn’t feel well, so the family took her to the vet, for a not so good surprise. The vet told the family that it was an emergency and he had to take her back right then to save Kimber and he puppies. Dr. Allen had to perform an emergency c-section and delivered devastating news: Kimber and the pups might not make it. Well everything went extremely well and Kimber and all of her puppies are alive and doing well. Members of the family take turns bottle feeding the pups because Kimber is still recovering from her c Section. A happy ending for a stressful event.

Remember, your pets count!


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Should You Switch to Clumping Kitty Litter?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CLUMPING LITTERCATMEOWIt seems like it’s getting more difficult to find regular kitty litter these days. Most brands are clumping litter where feline feces and urine create hard clumps which can be scooped out and thrown away. I tried to make the switch but have problems using it. True, it will last a little longer but after awhile, it hardens an gets very difficult to scoop out. When this happens, my cats are reluctant to use it. This is why I prefer using the old fashioned kitty litter….if you can find it. Remember, keep your litter clean. Scoop everyday and change it every week.

Your Pets Count!

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Yorkshore Terrier in a Black Travel BagWhen you think about hazards to your little pouch, you probably never think of dangers in your purse. Lots of people carry their small dogs around in their purse but there can be some hazards. For instance, the nicotine found in cigarettes is toxic, hand sanitizer has alcohol in it. Your sugarless gum carries chemicals dangerous to non-humans. So if you must keep your dog in your purse while out, make sure that everything harmless is taken out. At home, make sure that your purse is put on a shelf or in an area that is not accessible to your little dog. Be on the safe side, take precautions and you will enjoy your little pouch for many years to come.

Remember, your pets count!

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Dogs and Barbeques

Sunday, August 10, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

dog barbequeI’m sure that there are many family barbeque’s going during the summer months.  Many owners allow their dogs to roam free while they are cooking on the grill.  The barbeque can be hazardous to your dog. Grills get very hot and your dog doesn’t realize that it’s hot and before you know it, he can really burn himself if he goes for that burger or hot dog. If your dog is a lively one, he may accidentally bump into the grill and knock it over and cause himself injury as well as others. Always keep your dog away from the grill. Keep him on his dog leash while you’re grilling.

Dogs love burgers and hot dogs and may even try to steel a dog or two during your family get together. This food is not  good for your dog. You may have to tell your guests not to sneak burgers or hot dogs to Buster. Instead, offer your dog some of his favorite food during this time so he doesn’t feel “left out.”

Remember, water is one of the core components of  an animal’s diet. Always keep the dog water bowl filled if he’s spending the day with you outside in the sunshine.  If you are traveling with your dog during the summer, always take water with you and offer it to him frequently during the trip.

Remember, your pets count!

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City Life with A Dog

Saturday, August 9, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG CITYBefore you hit the streets with your city dog, make sure that you teach him a few basic commands. “Sit” and “stay” always works when you’re waiting for a traffic light to change. “Heel” keeps in close to you when you need control on crowded city streets. “Leave it” is helpful if he picks up something that he shouldn’t eat. “Come” can be a life saver if he slips through his leash. As a city dog owner, it’s really up to you to keep your dog out of harms way. Make sure that you are respectful of other people you may meet. Not everyone is a dog lover even some dogs can be wary of your dog.  Always ask before you let your dog approaches someone or another dog. Most important, you should learn you citys’ leash, license and pooper scooper laws. They are written to protect you, your dog and the entire community.  City etiquette is not just for those “shi shi” dogs with the fancy clothing and diamond studded dog leashes but it’s for all dog owners who live in a city environment.

Remember, your pets count!

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Adopting That Delightful Bulldog!

Friday, August 8, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

BULLDOG SWINGBulldogs are great companions. Remember that bulldogs and heat don’t mix well. Make sure that he is kept in a cool environment indoors. Make sure he has his dog toys, pet carrier, crate and all of the other essentials. The AKC registers over 140 dog breeds every year and the bulldog is in the top 40 every year!  When buying water bowls for your bulldog, invest in heavy duty stainless steel bowls. They will reduce the rash and redness on your bulldogs face  from the bowls. They can be cleaned easily and are much better than plastic.

Bulldogs get along great with children and other pets as  a general rule. They love a nice, soft couch, lots of attention, especially getting their bellies rubbed. They have a great disposition, and will give you and your family lots and lots of love.

Bulldogs, unlike other breeds have no cosmetic surgery done such as tail docking and ear cropping. You should always consider getting a microchip implanted when he is young. It is completely painless and will contain all of the pertinent information to track your dog in the event that he gets lost.

On a final note, one requirement of the bulldog is that you give them lots of love and attention. They will surely repay you many times over!

Remember, your pets count!

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Rules for Pet Sitters

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG SITTER AND DOGSBack in the days when I had a dog, I would be gone for many hours during the day. I would buy all types of toys, there were so many rawhide bones around the house that I could have filled an entire room with them! This did not keep my dog content while I was gone. It was quite apparent that he was lonely and need so much attention when  I would arrive home. Looking back now at this situation really saddens me. Are you in the same type of situation now? Maybe you should consider hiring a Pet Sitter.  If you decide to go this route, here are some things that you should remember.

1. The Pet Sitter should conduct himself/herself in a professional manner and give you his undivided attention while being interviewed.

2. Your Pet Sitter should have insurance and be bonded if they are with a pet sitting company.

3. The Pet Sitter should conduct business with honesty and integrity. They should also observe all federal, state and local laws pertaining to operating the business of animal care.

4. The Pet Sitter should have a least three references which you should check out thoroughly.

These following issues regarding your pet must also be considered when hiring a Pet Sitter.

1. Your pet needs to be comfortable with the pet sitter. You must allow time for your dog to get used to the Pet Sitter by allowing the sitter to come by several days while you’re at home  before being left alone with your pet.

2. The Pet Sitter must be interested in learning as much as possible about your pet. This includes eating habits, health issues, temperament, exercise etc.

3. Make sure you give the Pet Sitter a list of emergency phone numbers in case your pet becomes ill or has an accident. This list should include your vets number, as well as the numbers of other vets in case your vet is not available.

4. The Pet Sitter must be knowledgeable of pet first aid and other concerns such as pet food re-calls.

5. You must agree that your Pet Sitter can or cannot have others visitors while they are pet sitting your dog.

Remember, your pets count!

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6. Determine the Pet Sitter’s experience by asking some pointed questions during the interview.

7. You must be completely confident before offering the job. Treat this like hiring a nanny for your child.

Once you have a pet sitter, you will notice the change in your dogs attitute when you arrive home. You will no longer feel that he is being neglected and you will feel confident that his needs are being cared for.

DOG LAWNI read a tragic story about a healthy dog who suddenly became lethargic and died shortly after the owner had their yard treated by a lawn service company. Some weed killers and pesticides are extremely toxic. Labels on these chemicals usually say not to let your pet walk on the lawn until it’s dry but will you relay on the lawn service company to provide you with that information? I wouldn’t.  Treat the weeds and lawn yourself by  filling aa spray bottle with a non toxic mixture of distilled white vinegar, a few teaspoons of salt and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. This solution works and will not harm your pet. To get rid of bug infestations, spray your plants with a mixture of water, red pepper and dishwashing liquid. It’s simple and safe! Keep you beloved pet out of harms way and do it yourself!

Remember, your pets count!

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