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Mollie, the Sneaky Cat

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy
Mollie, the sneaky cat

Mollie, the sneaky cat

Cats can be a bit sneaky. Yesterday, there was panic at my house because I thought that my older cat Mollie went missing. How can this happen since I live in a condo and I’m on the second floor? Usually in the evening, I relax and watch some television. It was about 10:45pm and I realized that I hadnt’ seen Mollie for quite some time. I figured that she was in one of her favorite resting spots like on the bed, or in her bed, or guarding the bathroom door so my younger cat Millie can’t get it. I looked for her and she was no where to be found. I began to worry. Where had she gone?? Then I remembered that I watered the plants on my terrace at about 7:00Pm. I opened the terrace door and there she was. I didn’t hear her tap or meow. I guess that she didn’t want to get stuck watching the crappy TV shows and snuck out while I was watering the plants. All is now well with “the old girl.” She’s sleeping contently in her bed. At least I think so!


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