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Cats – The Running Water Fascination

Saturday, August 17, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

SHOWER CATIt’s barely 6:30 am and my cat Millie climbs up on the nightstand and starts “meowing” incessantly.  I turn to her and quietly tell her that I’m getting up soon. She stops but only for a few seconds. When she sees  that I’m still not moving, she starts her “meowing” again. If I don’t get up now, she’ll climb on top of the headboard and meow in my ear and gently give me a poke. Millie wants me to get up, go to the shower and turn on the water for her. She goes through this routine several times per day and to tell you the truth, I’m the one that spoiled her. She’s in good health but why so much water and what’s the fascination with the shower? Many different people will have many answers. My theory is that most cats love fresh, running water. They love to play in it, drink it and clean themselves with it.  That’s what Millie does. Thank goodness I live in a condo and don’t have to pay for water. Sometimes I think that she uses more water than I do.

In most cases, there really isn’t a medical problem but if you notice more symptoms like weight loss , frequent urination, excessive water consumption and excessive appetite, I would get her checked for diabetes.

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