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Exotic Pets don’t make Great Pets

Friday, August 9, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

TIGERSome people have a fascination for owning exotic pets. These pets are often wild and dangerous and can cause injuries. Most often because of their paws and teeth, It is illegal to own an exotic pet in the United States and Canada.

Turtles are banned as pets because they may carry salmonella bacteria.  Big cats can be dangerous because of their size and the fact that they are unpredictable. Venomous snakes are banned for obvious reasons. Chimpanzees can be aggressive and can even be cannibalistic. Leave these animals to the professionals who know how to handle them.  Crocodiles and alligators start out as small, cute hatchlings but they grow quickly and in a short period of time,they can reach several feet in length and hundreds of pounds. These animals have very powerful jaws capable of doing a lot of damage. Do yourself a favor, stick with a dog or a cat.

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