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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG NAPPEDYou have an emergency have  to leave your dog tied to a pole for just a moment but when you come out, your dog is gone! You are devastated and confused, you panic, what should you do first?  You can go to the police and file a report but to tell you the truth, it won’t be their first priority. Become your own private detective and go to shelters and put up posters in your area. Start off with a three mile radius. Wait a few days and if you can’t locate your dog in five days, expand the radius to 50 miles. Keep going out. Go up to a 100- mile radius because it’s possible to recover a dog from 100 miles away. Some people will give up after a couple of weeks but some people actually find their dog a year later.So don’t give up. Keep asking around and stay determined!

If you are a real animal lover, then  refuse to buy cut-price dogs without the right paperwork or adequate background checks. Unfortunately, people buy stolen dogs. IF you can’t afford a dog, please don’t buy a stolen dog. Do your research, get the proper paperwork. Have your  dog micro chipped and do not let him out of your sight!

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