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Dog headed for Phoenix ends up in Ireland!

Friday, March 15, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

Sometimes, we just can’t help it. We have to fly our pets from one place to another. They are put in a crate, tagged and put into a compartment separate from the seating area.  Their owners have no contact with them until the plane lands. We hope and pray that they are on the correct flight and that they are safe. Here’s a rather disturbing story about a dog named Hendrix.  The following article was taken from todays news on Channel 7 WABC Eyewitness news in New York.


Edith Albach from Staten Island said she thought she put the 6-year-old dog on a flight from Newark to Phoenix last night. Her husband and daughter were waiting in Phoenix to get Hendrix, but the dog was not on the flight.

Edith got a call from the airline a few minutes before the plane landed to let her know the dog was on a plane to Shannon, Ireland instead.

The dog arrived safely in Ireland on Friday morning.

Edith says the airline could not explain how it happened, but offered her a refund.

She says she has not received an apology, and wants one. After all, it’s not just a suitcase of clothes that went missing, she says. It was their dog.

A spokesperson for United Airlines said they are reviewing the circumstances and they do regret what happened.

“We have apologized and offered a full refund. We want to make this right. We regret that he was boarded on the wrong aircraft. We are doing everything we can to take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Mary Clark, spokeswoman for United, said. “This is not typical of the service we provide to the more than 100,000 pets that travel with us every year. United is committed to make travel safe and comfortable for pets that travel with us.”

The Pet Safe staff is working to get Hendrix to Phoenix as originally planned, she said.

Stories like this make us very leery about putting a dog or cat on a plane. There’s a lot to be concerned about. I would never put an animal on a plane in the summer months. They could quickly become dehydrated sitting on a hot tarmac waiting to be loaded on to the aircraft.

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