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Dog pays the price for owners stupidity

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

One day, a few months ago, a man was driving with his pet dog in the car. He had his iPad turned on and was looking at it while he was driving. He glanced down and the next thing he new was that he hit the car in front of him. The airbags engaged and hit the man and his Golden Retriever who was in the front seat. The dog freaked out and jumped out the window into oncoming traffic. The owner tried to chase him but lost the dog as he darted through traffic on the busy streets.

Fortunately, a couple found the dog and brought him to a vet who scanned his chip. The owner got the dog back but he was severely injured. The dog made a full recovery. The owner can’t forgive himself and now puts all of his devices in the trunk. ┬áThis is a little too late since he caused his beloved pet so much injury.

Don’t be stupid! I see so many people driving and talking on the phone, texting etc. You are not only putting yourself at risk but are risking the life of others including our pets! Is it worth it?? Be safe, not stupid!!


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