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Do cats get cold?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

In light of the fact that there are still thousands of people without power in the Northeast, and with temperatures dropping to the twenties, we must worry about our cats getting cold. What can we do to keep them warm?  You can set up a tent using an old blanket as a canopy held up with a small rod or pole. Put lots of old, thick blankets inside. Your cat will want to investigate and discover that it’s a place where he could snuggle and get warm. You can also put old blankets around the house for your cat to snuggle under.  Cats also like to sit on their owners laps. This is also a good way to keep a cat warm. During the week without power my cat Mollie slept next to me under the covers to keep warm.

Many cat owners mistakenly believe that cats can easily handle the cold winter months, as they have fur to keep them warm. But cats can still feel the cold and should be protected from the effects of the chillier weather. Especially if you lose power! Just run your hand over your cats’ backs and you will soon tell that they do in fact feel the cold.

Lets hope that everyone gets their power back soon!

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