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Do your cats love sleeping in the sun?

Saturday, August 25, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

Both of my cats love to lie in the sun. My younger cat, Millie loves to lie on the windowsill and look out. My older cat, Mollie will find a sunny spot in my bedroom and stretch out. Why do they do this? Maybe one reason may be a need for a sound sleep. Cats require about 15 hours of sleep each day. Warmth often helps them get their best rest. When cats doze off, their temperature drops slightly and sleeping in the sun can help make up the difference. Some cats not only enjoy the suns rays, they also find a heating vent or other source of warmth. My cat Mollie loves to stretch out on my porch on a warm day when we’re down in Delaware. Sometimes it’s even too warm for me and I retreat inside to the air conditioning but Mollie will stay out and bake! Remember that cats cannot tolerate excessive or prolonged heat. After a while, I ‘ll  take Mollie inside if I feel that it’s too hot or she’s been out there too long.  Make sure that there is always a place for your cat to cool off.

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