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Our pets can sense our emotions

Sunday, June 24, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s funny, but it seems that my cats know when I’m distressed or not in a good mood. They also know when I’m in a good mood. When you’re in a bad mood, your dogs may hide but cats tend to get more clingy.  I have a friend who does not like cats , especially my older cat Mollie. For some reason, Mollie knows that my friend does not like her. She doesn’t come around  and stays away from my friend.  Dogs and humans have similar  social systems. We both have tight knit families, like to to socialize,  and have a complex  range of body posture, facial expressions and vocalizations that promote bonding. Cats, on the other hand  bond in a different way since that aren’t as social as dogs.. Cats watch us all day, studying our moves and emotions . Dogs  are watching as well and are better watchers than humans. They know when to run and hide or when to beg for a treat. Through our body language, our pets can read us like a book so don’t think that they’re not paying attention. When you’re happy, they know it and when you’re upset, you cannot hide it from them.

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