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Cats can get into the strangest places

Friday, February 24, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

A few days ago, while at my place in Delaware, my younger cat Millie decided to “disappear.” I usually let her out on the screened in porch. She had been outside a while and I decided to go out and check on her. I looked all over and she wasn’t there. Although I knew that she couldn’t get outside, I still had my doubts because she’s done stranger things before. I searched inside and looked all over, inside closets, under beds, couches, chairs and even under the covers on the bed. She was no where to be found. I really began to panic! I called her and called her, shook her little hanging toy but still no Millie. Where did she go? I was really worried since my place is not that big and there aren’t many places where she could hide. I then checked the bedroom once again. Something looked a little peculiar about the drawer in the dresser.  I opened the top drawer and there was Millie! Fast asleep and looking as cozy as she could. How did she get in there? I have no clue, I was just so relieved and glad that I found her. Cats can be strange and don’t try to unlock the mysteries behind why they do the things they do, just give them lots of love!

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