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Why It’s important to micro-chip

Sunday, September 25, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy


You may have heard the incredible story of a cat ¬†named Willow who went missing from her Colorado home and turned up on east 20th street in Manhattan five years later! This is true. Willow disappeared when a contractor left the front door ajar during a home renovation project. The family sent out frantic, online messages and put up posters around their home in Bloomfield, Colorado. When she didn’t return, the family thought that she had been eaten by a coyote.

On Sept. 14th, a man brought her in to the Animal Care& Control in New York. He told them that he found her on East 20th Street. Five years after she disappeared and nearly 1,600 miles away from home. Animal Control quickly checked to see if she had a micro chip implanted. She did and the family was called and quickly flew to New York to be united with their long, lost, beloved pet. ¬†How she got to New York is not known but the important thing to know is that without the micro-chip, she would have never been found. A micro-chip contains all of the pet and owner information. It’s a very painless, quick and easy procedure performed in your vet’s office.

When adopting a new pet, make sure you get her micro-chipped. If she gets lost, the first thing an animal shelter or vet will do is check for a micro-chip. This could save her life!

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