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Does your cat bite the hand that pets her?

Saturday, September 3, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats  are very funny animals. They crave your attention then when you give them too much attention, they bite or go to scratch you. Why is this? My older cat Mollie will do this for what seems no reason at all. Some cats do this because they were permitted to play hand wrestling with their owners when they were kittens.  They grow up thinking that it’s OK to bite and swat at hands.  Sometimes they will bite if they don’t feel well.  It could be just petting induced aggression which has been going on their whole life.  Some cats like and can tolerate petting but other cats feel overstimulated by this sensation and react by lashing out. There are signs that your cat is not liking what she feels. She will stop purring, her pupils may become dilated, her ear may flicker and her tail may move slowly back and forth.  When your cat shows these signs, it’s your cue to stop petting her for awhile. Maybe a few days. Greet her in a pleasant tone and give her some cat toys to play with instead. Before you know it, she will be rubbing against you requesting that you give her a long, soothing pet. Remember, your pets count!