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Cats get into everything!

Saturday, August 6, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats will go to great lengths to find that “perfect” place to sleep. If you leave your closet door open, she’ll be in there before you know it. She’ll sneak under your feet before you shut the door. My younger cat Millie will try to get under the dashboard of my car if she gets out of her cat carrier. She has also jumped in my neighbor’s dryer when she accidentally wandered on to their terrace. If there are cats in your neighborhood, you should make a loud noise before starting your car in the winter. There’s nothing like a warm car engine to help them cope with a cold winter’s night. Cats will go under beds, in sinks or snuggle up on your most comfortable chair.

I run a small radio station which is on the internet and has a very small signal in my apartment complex. I once accidentally left the microphone “on.” When I got in my car and turned the radio on, I ┬ánot only heard the music playing but heard my older cat, Mollie “meowing” over the air! I guess she was trying to remind me to pick up per favorite cat treats or maybe she wanted to be the “DJ.”

Before you leave in the morning, always check on your cats. I’ve come home several times and found one of my cats sleeping in one of the closets with the door shut and without a care in the world! Remember, your pets count.