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Keeping your dog calm during the fireworks

Saturday, July 2, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-fireworksIt’s the fourth of July weekend and most municipalities will have a fireworks display. It’s a great time of year with lots of picnics and parties. All of this adds up to lots of fun but it could represent potential dangers for your dog.

The most common dog owner complaint during the 4th of July is their dog’s reaction to the fireworks.  The combination of loud noises and bright lights could scare your dog even if he’s never been afraid of these things before. Some dogs will show signs of fear that can include pacing, panting, trembling, salivating, trying to escape and/or barking.  Many dogs can injure themselves by trying to escape all of the noise. They could also get hit by a car if they try to run away from the fireworks display.

Here’s some tips on keeping your dog calm during the fireworks.

  • Don’t take your dog to the fireworks. Stay at home with him if the noise makes him nervous and make sure that he is in a comfortable place.
  • Don’t try too hard to calm your dog during a fearful event such as fireworks. This could make the problem worse and reinforce his fearful response.
  • Some dogs are very sensitive to peoples moods. Remain happy and upbeat and divert his attention by tossing him some of his dog toys.
  • If you must leave your dog home alone, think of what makes him most comfortable. Is it lying in his dog bed in a quiet room? Maybe he feels safer in his crate. Whatever it is, provide a comfortable or “safe” place for your dog during the fireworks.