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Spaying your cat

Sunday, May 15, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-vetUnless you want to breed your cat, you should consider spaying your female cat shortly after you adopt her. Lots of times, females are already spayed before they are put up for adoption.

The spay surgery procedure is routine. It’s abdominal surgery that is performed under general anesthesia.  Your cats belly will be shaved and cleansed and an incision will be made a few inches below her belly button. The veterinarian will remove both ovaries as well as her uterus. Several layers of stitches are used to close the incision internally. Your veterinarian may also close the outside incision with stitches or use surgical adhesive.  After the surgery, your cat will no longer go through the heat cycles and will no longer be able to get pregnant.

Even though the spaying procedure, is very routine, it is still major surgery requiring general anesthesia. Your veterinarian will take numerous measures to keep your cat safe such as checking her heart and lungs before administering the anesthesia. She will be monitored constantly while she is asleep.

Your cat will come home either the day of the surgery or the day after. She will be groggy. Make sure that  she is kept indoors, in a warm safe, quiet room away from other pets. Before you know it, she will be jumping again playing with her cat toys again!