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Cat whiskers

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-whiskersCats use their whiskers for lots of reasons.  One thing that they use them for is to communicate their emotions.  Their whiskers are like our GPS devices. Cats use them to navigate so it’s very important that you NEVER cut them. They use their whiskers to feel their boundaries, gauge distances and to determine the sizes of objects. Their whiskers also help them determine whether or not they will fit into tight spaces.  Their whiskers help guide them in the dark and they help them to avoid running into certain objects.  Being that cats communicate with their whiskers, you actually could learn to determine what kind of mood your cat is in as well as his emotional state. If his whiskers are pulled back, he is angry and in a defensive mood. If his whiskers are relaxed and pushed forward, it means that he is happy or content or even curious about something.

Cats have 24 whiskers on their face. Twelve on each side of their nose. Cats also have special whiskers on the eyes, paws, chin and legs. These are more like “feelers” and are also used for sensing objects, textures and boundaries.

So, the next time your cat squeezes through the bathroom door to pay you a visit like mine do, you’ll know that his whiskers helped him to navigate the small space that he needed to fit through. He probably just stopped by to tell you that it is time for his cat treat.