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Feeding a kitten

Thursday, February 3, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cute-kitten-2You just brought home a kitten and should know how to properly feed it. First of all, a kittens weight could double or triple during the first few weeks of life. This along with it’s high energy levels make it essential that he eats properly. Kittens will want to eat three or four meals per day. Since cats are “snackers,” I recommend that you leave their food out for them during the day and always have their water bowl filled.  Kittens need fat and some fatty acids. These needs are the same for both kittens and full grown cats. Kittens require more protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.  Kittens should get 30% of their energy from protein.

The experts recommend that you feed your kitten specially formulated kitten food until age one.  Buy from a reputable company and stay away from generic or store brands. Ask your vet for advice if you’re not sure which brands are best.

I feed my cats a can of wet food along with a bowl of dry food. You should also do this for your kitten. He should get a mixture of both wet and dry food. Stay away from table food. Lots of table food is not good for your cat. Feed him some snacks every now and then. A good diet is essential in this early stage of your new kitten’s life.