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Should you let your indoor cat outdoors?

Monday, January 31, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-in-bedThis is a topic that you won’t find much information on. Most experts agree that cats that have been always kept indoors must stay indoors. First of all why would you want your cat to go outside? An indoor cat is not at all used to the outside elements or climate.  I have a terrace and during the warmer months if and only if I’m outside on the terrace, will I allow my cats to come out for a breath of air. I watch them very closely and will not let them stay outside alone.

There are lots of reasons to keep your cat indoors. First of all, it could get hit by a car. There are lots of cat haters out there and someone could poison your cat. When I was young, I had an out door cat. It was poisoned by the next door neighbor because it used to walk in his garden. I found it lying dead in a bush.  Another reason is that it could contact all different kinds of diseases. Indoor cats normally live much longer than outdoor cats. Their environment is controlled and safe. I believe that nothing beats a warm cat bed, as well as lots of love from family members. I guess I made my point. If your cat is an indoor cat, KEEP HIM INDOORS!!