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Advice for cat owners

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-dryerIf you’re a cat owner, you know that cats like to find their own places and hide. Sometimes they prefer a dark closet or corner but sometimes they’ll pick the strangest places to get away from us.  I almost locked my cat under the sink one day because when I had the door opened, she decided to go inside and make herself at home.  My younger cat , Millie, likes hiding under the bed when she figures out that there’s we’re preparing for a trip in the car. One time, she got out on the terrace while I was outside grilling. I didn’t see her come out.  She climbed on the wall and wound up on my neighbor’s terrace. After frantically looking all over for her, I heard her “meow” and noticed her all alone and afraid on the adjoining  terrace. Luckily, my neighbors were home. When I went  over to bring her home, she got frightened and ran through my neighbors house and jumped into the dryer. Cats don’t like it much when their world is upset in any way!

My advice is that before you leave your house, even for work, check to make sure that your little friend is accounted for. If you don’t, you may come home to find that she was locked up in a closet all day without food, water or kitty litter.You better get out the pet odor and stain remover!