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How much water does a cat need?

Sunday, January 16, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-waterA bowl filled with water should always be available to your cat. You should check the water bowl regularly to make sure there’s enough water for your cat to last all day. Cats need fresh drinking water for optimum health.  Water helps the kidneys flush out the toxins in the blood.  It also helps to keep the other organs hydrated and healthy.

Dehydration in cats is very dangerous and could lead to death.  Cats that are in kidney failure require extra fluids given intravenously. Sometimes a subcutaneous drip is necessary. This  therapy is often carried out at home and is relatively easy to learn and perform. Cats improve pretty quickly when given these therapies.

To test for dehydration, pull the skin up on the nape of your cats neck. If it springs back quickly, the cat is properly hydrated. If it is slow to recede, suspect dehydration. If your cat is not drinking properly, I would put an ice cube in his drinking water or add some water to your cats canned food to make it more enticing.

Make sure that you know your cat’s drinking habits, if his water bowl is always filled and he is not drinking or if you notice that he is drinking too much, call your veterinarian. If he is drinking excessively, he may have an over active thyroid or diabetes.