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Spaying and neutering your cat

Saturday, September 18, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

kitten-very-cuteUsually, it is recommending that female cats get spayed at six months of age or before they go into heat.  This procedure involves anesthetizing the cat and the veterinarian makes an incision which the ovaries and the uterus are removed.  You may ask why cats are spayed when they are not in the heat cycle. Most vets prefer to spay when the cat is not in heat because the procedure is easier. If the cat is in heat, the procedure takes a bit longer because of increased blood to the uterus area. They can charge you a little more to spay while the cat is in heat.  The stitches usually dissolve and the cat recovers very  quickly. Before you know it, your kitten will be jumping around playing with her cat toys as usual.

Males cats are usually neutered between 5 1/2 and nine months. This is done before habits such as spraying urine begins. Neutering involves of the source sex hormones and and sex cells which are the testicles. Two very small incisions are made which usually don’t  require stitches. The cat is usually sent home the very same day.

There is a new technology for spaying a female cat that is used in Europe. It involves making a very small incision on the side of the abdomen. It’s a very safe and cost effective procedure that has not yet been used in the United States. This technique was developed for the use on feral cats which are released into the wild within 48 hours ofter the surgery.