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cats-groomingYour cats have learned to accept you and all of your quirky habits right?  Did you get used to all of their coughing up of hairballs? Cats swallow a lot of fur when they groom themselves.  Sometimes the hairballs take care of themselves and sometimes your cat has to cough them up.  Some short haired cats have problems vomiting hairballs but there is a way to manage it by modifying the fiber content in their diet. Your veterinarian will check your cat for any possible problems then help you find ways to help cut down on hair balls. There are many hairball elimination products on the market which can really help. Always consult with your vet first and don’t get too concerned when your cat coughs up a hairball. It is perfectly normal for them to do this one to two times a month. Any more could signal another problem which your vet will identify.

The Ideal Pet Bowl

Thursday, April 29, 2010
posted by PetsRule

dogdishMany dog owners spend a great deal of time selecting the ideal dog food. To that end, they want something that the dog will enjoy, but they also want to make sure that food is nutritious and healthy to continually put in their bodies. But not as many pet owners think about the dishes in which we serve this food. This can prove a mistake.

With that in mind, the best dog dishes are those that are made of a simple and safe material such as stainless steel. They are easy to clean and won’t harbor too bacteria to grow if properly and regularly cleaned. For the sake of convenience, you’ll also want a bowl that has a rubber bottom stopper. This will ensure the bowl doesn’t slide or spill when placed on the floor and used by your dog.