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cat-asleepI had a conversation yesterday with a friend who has outdoor cats. She said that sometimes her cats prefer to stay indoors but she will let them out when they meow at the door. You know my feelings about an outdoor cat. I feel they live longer and are much safer indoors. Outdoor cats are roamers. Sometimes they will not come home for a night or two which is perfectly normal. My friend mentioned that one time her cat did not come home for ten days! Now if that were me, I would panic! I would fear that it was injured or hit by a car and that I couldn’t do anything to help it. The story turns out fine for my friend. One morning she got up and found her 10 year old tabby meowing at the back door. Now if only cats can talk and tell you where they were. You can’t punish them and send them to their room, you can’t give them a time out, you just have to grin and get used to the fact that if you let your cat outdoors, it may stay away for several nights at a time. Now don’t you wish that your outdoor cat was fast asleep with you inside in it’s cat bed?