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cat-drinking-for-a-faucetIt is a misconception that cats hate water.  Some cats do, but lots of cats actually like the water. My two cats love to get under the faucet and drink the running water. My younger cat, Millie likes me to run the faucet in the shower for her. She enjoys drinking the water and using it to wash her paws. In fact, she will stand by the shower and meow. I have to stop what I’m doing and turn the faucet on for her.

Tigers love the water. They play in it and use it to cool off in summer.  Some cats do not like the water. Many cat breeds have coats which can trap the water. If the cats gets wet, it ruins the ability for them to keep warm in cool weather. All cats do not like getting splashed with water. Water can hurt their sensitive ears and potentially cause an infection as well.  Some domestic cats like the Bengal and Turkish Van are famous for liking water. They will play with it and sometimes even swim.

So if your cat likes playing under the faucet rather that playing with his cat toys, it’s no cause for concern, just turn the water on for him and I’m sure he’ll be very appreciative!